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Clinical Validation

KidneyIntelX marked enhanced ability to predict kidney function decline/kidney failure in T2D patients with early-stage CKD.

External validation of KidneyIntelX in a multinational cohort from CANVAS with early-stage DKD.

KidneyIntelX predicted patients at highest risk of adverse kidney outcomes

Clinical Utility

After KidneyIntelX testing, there was a significant increase in visit frequency, referrals for disease management, and introduction to guideline-recommended medications.

Patients scored high-risk by KidneyIntelX derived 3X greater magnitude in the protective effect of canagliflozin on kidney function decline

KidneyIntelX further demonstrates unprecedented adoption, clinical utility and clinical application among PCPs.

Economic Utility

KidneyIntelX risk assessment can yield 5-year cost savings of $1.1 billion for every 100,000 patients with T2D and CKD

Analytic Validity

Robust analytical performance across all three biomarkers contributing to the KidneyIntelX risk score

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Validation of Proprietary Bioprognostic Methodology

Budget Impact Analysis

Therapeutic Integration & Utility Studies

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