Today’s answer,

tomorrow’s kidney health.

Our 3-part, proprietary methodology – bioprognosisTM for kidney health – predicts risk and outcomes to promote and preserve kidney health.

With one simple blood test, clinicians receive their patients’ custom risk scores with actionable, guideline-recommended treatment steps.

KidneyIntelX Has Received Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA for Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis


Proprietary biomarkers

Biological factors that are clinically proven – in multiple studies – to be most prognostic for kidney disease (TNFR1, TNFR2, KIM-1).


Select clinical features

7 select data points from a patient’s health record (eGFR, UACR, serum calcium, HbA1c, systolic BP, platelets, AST) that are indicative of kidney/other key organ health or dysfunction.


Validated algorithm

Machine learning combines these diverse and proprietary data inputs to maximize their value through a patient risk score.


Yields a clear and actionable test report:

Risk score + guideline-recommended clinical pathway

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KidneyIntelX is the only early-stage risk assessment test

KidneyIntelX is the only

early-stage risk assessment test

for patients in stages 1-3b.

KidneyIntelX is the only bioprognostic methodology and the only option for risk assessment in adults with type 2 diabetes and with chronic kidney disease stages 1-3b.

KidneyIntelX demonstrated to be a 3X better predictor of risk vs traditional kidney function measures (eGFR and UACR).

1.Data from Validation Study in Subgroup with UACR available Chan L, et al. Diabetologia 2021
2.Data from CANVAS analyses; Lam D, et al. Am J Nephrology 2021

KidneyIntelX begins at the

right starting point.

Only by starting at the earliest stages of diagnosed diabetic kidney disease – and by leveraging the only test proven to identify those select adult patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease who are at higher to lower risk for rapid progressive decline in kidney function – will clinicians and patients reap the greatest benefits from the rest of the treatment plan.

Prognosis, not diagnosis.

KidneyIntelX graphic

Current kidney function measurements – estimated GFR and UACR – are meant to diagnose whether kidney disease is present in a given patient and at what stage. Conversely, KidneyIntelX is designed to predict whether or not an adult patient with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease stages 1-3b will progress, possibly resulting in kidney failure.

In fact, KidneyIntelX has a growing body of evidence via validation, utility and economic studies, including a demonstrated 72% improvement in predicting those patients who are at high risk for rapid progressive decline in kidney function vs current standard of care.

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