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Q: Could the KidneyIntelXTM test inform my care plan?

A: If you are over the age of 21, have type 2 diabetes, and have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, KidneyIntelXTM may be right for you. Having a discussion with your doctor may be helpful.

Q: When is the KidneyIntelX test ordered?

A: If you fit the criteria for the test, the KidneyIntelX test can be ordered to help you and your doctor understand your individual risk for rapid progressive decline in your kidney function over the next five years. Your risk score can help you and your doctor discuss a plan to slow, or in some cases, prevent progression of your disease.

Q: What is being tested by KidneyIntelX?

A: KidneyIntelX is a simple, non-fasting blood test that measures three proteins associated with kidney function and kidney injury. That information, combined with other data from your medical record, such as blood pressure and other substances in your blood, is used to calculate your individual KidneyIntelX risk score.

Q: What information will KidneyIntelX provide?

A: Kidney disease does not present with early symptoms, so it is typically not identified early. That’s why patients can lose up to 90% of their kidney function1 as the condition silently worsens. The KidneyIntelX test calculates each patient’s risk for rapid progressive decline in kidney function. It gives you and your doctor a “tool” for deciding whether or not you need to make any changes to your care path and medication plan.

Q: How will my care change based on the test result?

A: The good news: through KidneyIntelX, most adults with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease are expected to learn that they are at relatively low risk for kidney disease progression. And by catching it early, they will have more control over what to do next. Of course, even if you have a higher risk score, there may be new medications and lifestyle changes that can help slow disease progression and avoid further harm.

Q: What type of doctor orders the KidneyIntelX test?

A: Your primary care doctor can order this test. Alternatively, if you are seeing a doctor for diabetes (endocrinologist), heart problems (cardiologist) or kidney problems (nephrologist), one of these specialists can also order the test.

Q: What is the testing process?

A: A simple blood test with actionable results are returned to your doctor in approximately five days.

Q: Is there any special test preparation needed?

A: No. All it takes is one simple blood test – and you don’t even have to fast.

Q: I can see my test results, what does my risk score mean?

A: The risk score is your likelihood for experiencing progressive decline in kidney function in the next five years. Here are the three reported risk groups:

Low Risk Result (5 to 45)

Approximately 50% of patients tested with KidneyIntelX are expected to receive a low-risk score. A low-risk score (“green”) means that you are in a population of patients with stages 1-3 diabetic kidney disease that have the lowest risk for  progressive decline in kidney function. Clinical studies have shown that your individual risk for experiencing such a decline over the next five years is < 10%. It is likely that your doctor will recommend that you maintain your current care plan.

Intermediate Risk Result (50 to 85)

Approximately 35% of patients tested with KidneyIntelX are expected to receive an intermediate risk score. With an intermediate-risk score (“orange”), your doctor may recommend that he/she monitor your kidney health more frequently, which may include additional visits, additional blood work, some lifestyle changes and potentially, the introduction of specialized medication.

High Risk Report (90 to 100)

Approximately 15% of patients tested with KidneyIntelX are expected to receive a high-risk score, which means that they have a 60% or higher chance of experiencing progressive decline in kidney function over the next five years. With a high-risk score, you and your doctor can act more quickly and aggressively in the treatment of your kidney disease, which could include additional visits, referral to a nephrologist, maximizing current medications and/or introducing new medications.

Q: How will I get my test result?

A: Your doctor will receive your KidneyIntelX results in approximately five days. Schedule time to discuss the report with him or her and develop a plan accordingly.

Q: Who do I call if I do not understand my test result or do not receive my result?

A: You should check with your doctor’s office first. If you still have questions, you can reach out to our Patient Support Team at 888.203.2725 during normal business hours.

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