This is KidneyIntelX™

This is KidneyIntelX

Healthier kidneys made possible™.

Today, doctors have two tests – eGFR and UACR – to diagnose whether kidney disease is present in a given patient and at what stage. They do not, however, have a way to predict which patients are at higher vs lower risk for rapid disease progression or kidney failure.

That changes now.

Introducing KidneyIntelX, a laboratory-developed test (LDT), validated in two large cohorts to be a highly-reliable, bioprognosticTM methodology, that yields a simple-to-understand, custom risk score, predicting which adult patients with type 2 diabetes and with chronic kidney disease stages 1-3 are at low, intermediate or high risk for rapid progressive decline in kidney function. KidneyIntelX is available across the country, where all patient tests are processed by a Renalytix Clinical Laboratory.

When doctors combine information gathered through KidneyIntelX with newer cardio- and reno-protective therapies, it’s a win-win. They will know which patients are at higher to lower risk for rapid disease progression, and therefore, can appropriately target resources and guideline-recommended treatments to advance kidney health.

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