In most cases, it’s just one additional blood test.

Easy to start.

A non-fasting and simple blood test is all it takes to risk stratify your patient base.

Easy to find out who needs more or less attention.

The KidneyIntelX test provides a highly-reliable, meaningful risk score and the confidence to know whether your patient is at low, intermediate or high risk for progression.

Easy to know what to do next.

Each risk score test report is very simple to understand and comes with a suggested patient-specific, actionable care path based on guideline recommendations.

And it’s simple to order

Experienced Medical Affairs Team on call.

Renalytix, the founder of KidneyIntelX, understands the importance of clinical support and information exchange. That’s why, we are committed to providing a fully staffed Medical Affairs Team who can educate regarding our proprietary methodology, evidential studies, test protocol, patient results, and pharmacy management.